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Baby Foot Halloween Appetizer

This Halloween appetizer looks like a skinned baby foot and it tastes just delicious!

It is a fact that I post my Halloween tutorials mostly after Halloween. It is because I actually make them for Halloween and not before. This Halloween appetizer is no different but you can enjoy it any other time as well. Make it to shock your family and friends at Sunday brunch!

Usually I make realistic Halloween cakes (you can check them out here) and I thought it was time for a savory recipe this year. So for Halloween 2021 the star on the table for the Baby Foot Appetizer made with goat cheese, goose pate and Spanish ham Jamón Serrano.

This is a great Halloween appetizer – it looks scary (maybe rather shocking) and tastes delicious.



halloween appetizer

The amounts are approximate, just have enough at hand:

– 150 g/5.3 oz of jamon serrano cut into very thin slice (you can substitute it with prosciutto or anything similar)

– 180 g/6.3 oz of round goat cheese in thick slices

– 50 g/1.8 oz of fresh goat cheese

– 80g/2.8 oz of goose pate

– some cranberry jam

On the side:

– olives

– crackers or salty sticks

Baby Foot Halloween Appetizer – Tutorial

Shaping the Foot

halloween appetizer

Separate the goat cheese slices or if you have a loaf, cut it into thick slices. Place them on top of each other and put some cranberry jam between them. The goat cheese tastes better with sour-sweet jam and the cranberry jam will make the inside look bloody. This part will be the leg.

halloween appetizer

Shape the foot with the pate. Babies and toddlers tend to have fat in the instep, so make it nicely curved.

halloween appetizer

Fill the gaps between the foot and leg with fresh goat cheese and smoothen it properly. Use the fresh cheese to form the heel.

halloween appetizer

Make the toes from the pate.

halloween appetizer

When you’re happy with the shape, cover the leg in some jam, it will help the ham stick.

Cover Foot With Ham

Make sure the ham is really thin. Thick pieces will be difficult to stick to the foot. Also, it looks better if you layer the ham and that works better with thin slices.

halloween appetizer

Start with the toes – cut the ham in tiny pieces and cover each toe individually. Use a knife to press the ham lightly between the toes.

halloween appetizer

halloween appetizer

Continue with the instep and heel. You can use larger slices on the instep and as for the heel, I recommend smaller pieces to shape the heel nicely round.

halloween appetizer

Cover the leg as well.

halloween appetizer

halloween appetizer

With a knife, a spoon or any other appropriate tool, finish shaping the foot. Also, check for any pieces of ham that might be sticking out – smear them with a little bit of jam, that will help them stick to the layer under them.

Clean the plate with a napkin from any leftover cheese.

Finish and Serve

Serve the foot with some olives, crackers or anything else you like.

If you don’t serve it immediately, keep it in the fridge.

Enjoy and if you liked this tutorial, you can check out more of my recipes.


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