How to make tucks on a handbag

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The tucks at the bottom of the handbag make super that your handbag won’t be just an envelope, the tucks will give it volume. I use specific sizes in this tutorial, however, you can use any other measurements and when you draw your tucks they don’t even need to form a square as is the case in this tutorial. 

The tucks are made in the bottom corners of the handbag, so you will have to measure and draw a tuck four times. Measure 2 cm from both sides of the corner and join both points. Then join their intersection with the corner. Do the same this in the other corner, then turn the canvas around and repeat on the corners from the other side.

Open both corners and sew where the straight line is. That will be your tuck. If you chose different sizes and your tucks don’t make a square, you won’t get a straight line in this step – that’s fine, just stitch alongside the line that you drew.

Cut the corners.

When you turn the lining right side out this is what the tuck will look like.

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