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There are several things that can get on one’s wick during the whole year – neighbors, politicians, bureaucrats…and in summer then also other vermin such as mosquitos and ticks. Therefore, I bring you this all-natural repellent recipe that won’t help you get rid of the human vermin but works marvelous ¬†on the insect.


  • 50 ml container with spray pump
  • 50 ml of vodka without any flavor (I use Alpa which is herb infused alcohol for medicinal purposes)
  • at least 6 pcs of clove
  • 3 lavender stems with blossoms or a handful of dried lavender
  • a bit of lemon peel
  • sieve
  • glass jar

How to make Natural Repellent


Place the clove, lavender and lemon peel in the jar.


Pour vodka in until everything is submerged. Close the jar and let rest for 3 days in a dark and cold place.

Then filter is through the sieve and pour the liquid in the container/bottle.

Now you have a repellent that works and smells good!

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