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There are several things that can get on one’s wick during the whole year – neighbours, politicians, bureaucrats…and in summer then also other vermins such as mosquitos and ticks. Therefore, I bring you this all-natural repellent recipe that won’t help you get rid of the human vermin but works marvelous  on the insect. 

You will need:

  • 50 ml container with spray pump
  • 50 ml of alpa (herbal infusion in alcohol, found in any drugstore)
  • at least 6 pcs of clove
  • 3 lavender stems with blossoms
  • a bit of lemon peel
  • sieve
  • glass jar

Place the clove, lavender and lemon peel in the jar.

Pour alpa in until everything is submerged. Close the jar and let rest for 3 days in a dark and cold place.

Then filter is through the sieve and pour the liquid in the container/bottle.

Now you have a repellent that works and smells good!


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