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Oil mixture for hair and skin

We are spending the summer break in the south where the tap water has been replaced by lava and a five minute walk to the store feels like a whole-day-march in a dessert. The seaside is much better, however, the weather has an effect on the skin and the hair and that is why I brought my favorite oil mixture.

I use it for the skin after sunbathing and also for the hair – you can either rub the oil in the hair, let it work for one hour and then wash it off, or wash your hair, let it dry and then rub the oil in the parts of the hair that need it (the tips).

Just mix the following oils:

  • 10 ml of apricot oil
  • 10 ml of jojoba oil
  • 10 ml of argan oil
  • 10 ml of almond oil (I used oil with macerated calendula)

Pour the oils into a glass spray bottle and enjoy!

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