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Quick fix of a face mask

Is your face mask too loose by the ears or too baggy around the chin and you just don’t have the time to sew a new mask? Here’s a very simple and fast fix for both of these problems.

Of course, it’s always better to adjust the measurements and just make a mask that fits well. However, if for any reason you cannot do that and you just need to adjust the mask as fast as possible, here’s how you fix those little inconveniences. I am going to show you how with an old pleated mask but it will work on other types of face masks as well.



Loose around the chin

Find the middle of your chin and fold it in. How much depends on how loose the mask is. I recommend you to start with less, try it on and keep adding if necessary. Stitch the fold on the wrong side.

This is what you get. The seam in the center of the chin will make the bottom of the mask “close” a little.


Loose by the ears

You need to do basically the same. Find the middle of the short side and fold the edge as shown in the picture. Stitch the fold vertically and try not to stitch through the tie or elastic in the tunnel of your mask. This obviously works better with mask which have the ties sewn on. However, even if you stitch through your tie, it will still be wearable.

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