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3 Halloween Cakes

How are the preparations for Halloween going? This year, how about trying one of my realistic Halloween cakes that are so disgustingly looking but delicious on the taste buds?

halloween cakes

If you like baking, maybe you could find my Halloween cakes a nice challenge and let’s see whether you make them realistic enough to not be able to bite into them:-)

Brain Cake

halloweenské dortyThe Brain Cake was my first realistic cake and it was a success! If you’ve never made an organ-like cake, this is a good one to start with. It’s quite easy to make. The base I use for this one is a healthy non-bake cake but you can use any cake you fancy.

The decoration is made from modelling chocolate that you can easily make at home with my tutorial or you can make it easier and purchase some fondant that’s easier to work with but doesn’t taste quite as well.

You can find the tutorial on the Brain Cake right here.





Human Heart Cake

halloweenské dortyIf you want a real modelling challenge, try the realistic Human Heart Cake! If you have the time and patience it will be worth the outcome. Moreover, it’s a great way to learn about the human heart anatomy!

Any type of cake will be a great base and you can mold the part of the heart from the homemade modelling chocolate. Don’t forget to add lots and lots of “blood” and enjoy the looks on your shocked guests’ faces.

Find the tutorial on the Human Heart Cake right here.






Bloody Cake with Broken Glass

halloweenské dortyMy third cake it full of disgusting surprises! Not only does it bear a small human (child?) heart and pieces of broken edible glass but it’s also full of delicious blood that will come out as soon as you cut the cake.

Follow my tutorial to learn how to make all the pieces of this cake.







How to make Edible Glass?

halloween cakes candy glassEdible Glass or Candy Glass is a great decoration to incorporate if you projects, Halloween or not. I have written an easy tutorial, so check it out here.

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