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Boho Basket from a Homemade Coiled Rope

How about making an original Boho Basket from the homemade twine you made with one of my previous tutorials?

boho basket

The Boho basket can be a home accessory but it can also be very practical. For me it’s moreover a call for the summer. If you’ve made the Fabric Scrap Twine with my tutorial, the basket it a great project to use that twine.

boho basketIt’s a fun craft and you’ll recycle the fabric leftovers (that was already the purpose of the coiled rope).

It’s also a really cheap project and you can totally customize the basket – I’ll show you how to make the walls more steep or gentle, and you can also make the basket as big as you want.

You will need a sewing machine but you don’t need to be very experienced in sewing. If you are willing to play with the basket a little, that’s all you really need.


  • Fabric twine– have a long one at hand so you can make the basket big if you want
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Boho Basket – Tutorial

Bottom of the basket

Roll the twine inward in a circle (in a spiral), this is how you start the bottom. It’s enough to roll 2 to 3 cm (about 1 in).

Put it under the foot of your machine and topstitch there and back. Then continue rolling the twine (rotate counter-clockwise) around and sew it to the rest, only this time with a zigzag stitch. The bottom will become wider. Set the width of the stitch so that the twine gets stitched to the rest of the bottom.

At the beginning, you’ll have to work slowly and rotate often. Always sew a few stitches, keep the needle in the fabric, lift the foot, rotate a little, put the foot down and sew. Continue doing that until you feel you can work faster and rotate the bottom without lifting the foot of the sewing machine.

This is what sewing the bottom looks like.

Push the twine to the bottom while sewing.

Sew until you’re happy with the size of the bottom.

Side of the basket

When you decide the bottom is large enough and it’s time to make the side, lift the bottom up a little with a finger and sew a few more times around.

Then lift the bottom some more for the next few rounds. The faster and the more you lift the bottom, the steeper the side of the basket will be.

Sew as long as it takes for the basket to be your desired height. Then you can jump to the end of this tutorial to finish the basket or you can continue with the following step to make the handles and perhaps even a decoration.


Take the basket off the machine, gather some loose twine and make a handle. Pin it in place, that’s where you see my fingers holding it. And it’s also the point where you’ll start sewing again.

Sew to the other half of the basket and create the other handle.

And now you have two options – you can finish the basket at this point or continue adding layers.

Keep on sewing to make the handles thicker especially if you want to put something heavier in the basket.


boho košík

If you still have enough coiled twine left, you can sew a decoration. Let the twine fall to the outside of the basket.

boho košík

Roll it into a spiral on the wall of the basket, just this time you’ll go from the outside in. This will make a flower-like shape.

boho košík

This is what my flower looks like, however, you can think of any other shape. Lead the rest of the twine over the edge of the basket in.

boho košík

Stitch the end on the inside of the basket – you can do this in hand.

What to use the Boho Basket for?

For anything you want! You can use it to store your craft supplies, fruit, some kitchenware…

boho basket boho basket

…of just give it to your kids, they’ll know what to do!

boho basket





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