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Elderberry-ginger popsicles

The weather this may behaved like it was November and I’m glad the warm June has finally come and with it the time for homemade ice-cream and popsicles. Our elderberry went out of bloom but I managed to cut the last inflorescence to make these refreshing Elderberry-ginger popsicles.

Recipe for 12 popsicles:

Harvest the inflorescence in a clean environment because you don’t want to rinse them, you want to keep the pollen. Place them in a bowl and pour the water over them.

Peel the lemon and cut the pulp in smaller pieces as well as the peeled ginger. Add to the inflorescence. Cover the bowl with a clean towel and let it soak ideally over night in a cool place. If you can’t then at least 2 hours.

Sieve it into a saucepan, add honey and heat just a little (don’t boil, you will spoil it!) while stirring so the honey melts.

Pour into the molds and leave it in the freezer until properly solid.

And enjoy the Elderberry-ginger popsicles refreshment!

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