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Felt flower

Scrunchies and hair clips are being consumed like bread in our household. When our girls get a new batch we miss half of it within a week and we find some of it in most unusual places. They care just a little bit better about hair accessories I make for them like head bands or felt flowers with shiny stones and beads. I’m going to show you how to make the latter.

Material to make 1 felt flower

  • 15 x 25 cm felt sheet in desired color(s)
  • aprox. 7 x 7 cm square of felt in any color
  • glue gun
  • rhinestones, beads, cabochons…

How to:

Draw a grid of 3×3 cm squares on your sheet of felt.

Fold each square in half and cut aproximatelly where you see the black line in the photo. I drew the line rather straight but you can make it more curved. Each gives the petals a little different shape.

When you open the cut square it will resemble a petal.

Put a drop of hot glue on one lower corner of the petal and fold the corner towards the center and press so it gets glued to the bottom center of the petal. Put some more glue on the glued corner and fold the other corner towards the center as well and press it on the glue. Do the same with all the petals.

Cut a circle from the other piece of felt, this will be the base for your flower.


Start glueing the petals onto it, starting from the outside.

Continue with the second row.

Make also the third row, then take three petals and cut their bottom a little (0,5 – 1 cm) to make them shorter than the other petals and glue them in the center.

Decorate your finished flower with beads.

Instead of the last three petals you can glue a shiny cabochon in the center. If you see that there’s a gap between the cabochon and the last row of petals you attached, just cut some smaller petals and glue them around the cabochon.

Your flower is done and you just have to think about how to use it further. I used these flower to decorate my hair clip organizers which you can purchase here. And here you can get some hair bands with these gorgeous flowers.

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