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I dig for fun! Excavator cake

Today I’m bringing you this cake inspiration – the excavator cake is easy to make and it will make your little heavy-machinery fan so happy!

excavator cake

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The idea for an excavator cake came logically when my son entered the wonderful phase of enormous excitement for all heavy machinery. That cute time when you need 45 minutes to walk to a store that’s 8 minutes away, because there’s a construction site on the way with several excavators, a crane and many builders and you just have to walk around, see everything and comment on every stone.

The advantage of this cake is not just that it’s easy to make but especially that you can use any cake you like. I used cacao biscuit with a layer of fresh cheeses and sour cream with a chocolate layer on top. It doesn’t matter what cake you choose but you have to have the most important on top – the stones and an excavator. You can make edible stones with my tutorial or buy some. Here are a few suggestions: these Licorice Stones look realistic and even more usual candies would be great for the excavator cake, I’d suggest the Jolly Rancher gummies or any other small candies you like.

Pile up the stones, add an excavator-toy and the best cake ever for excavator fans is done!

dort s bagrem


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