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Fruit-cheese Cup

Fruit-cheese cup is a refreshing and healthy breakfast or snack.

fruit cup

I’ve known these non-baked desserts since I was a child because my mom always made cakes and cups from quark cheese, yogurt and sour cream that soaked into the biscuits and didn’t need to be baked. She continues to make them for my kids who love them as well.

fruit cupI used the same base which is dairy – you can use quark or other fresh cheese, ricotta, yogurt, viili or sour cream. I also used fruit which my mom often puts in her cups. The difference is that to design these cups as they are with the diagonal stripes I had to use gelatin. You can use any other gelling agent you like to cook with.

The fruit-cheese cup is not difficult to make but it needs time and so if you want it for breakfast, wake up early or make it the night before. I use no-heat powder gelatin which sets fast and still it takes me about one hour to make the cups. If you’re using gelatin that needs to be heated and then cool down, it will take you even longer.

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Supplies (serves 2)

  • 300 g/10.5 oz of cheese – I use quark
  • 200 g/7 oz of white yogurt – I use Viili
  • 150 g/5.3 of strawberries
  • some small cookies – I use my Cacao-Coconut Cookies
  • about 2 tbsp of sugar/honey/other sweetener
  • 2 tbsp of cacao powder
  • gelatin – I use no heat powder gelatin
  • glasses

Fruit-cheese Cup Recipe

Blend the strawberries smooth and add sugar if you want them more sweet.

Split the cheese and yogurt in halves and mix. Add cocoa to one half and sweeten both according to taste.

fruit cup

Now let’s prepare the working space. You’ll need the glass to be placed diagonally to make the design so you have to create a step to lean them onto. I place a cutting board on my kitchen table and fold a kitchen rug on its side.

The next step is to prepare the gelatin. Follow the instructions on the package because every type of gelatin has a different process and so do other gelling agents. I use powder gelatin for non-baked desserts, it doesn’t need to be heated. I put one full tsp into a bowl, add one tsp of lukewarm water and whisk properly. Then I add 4 tbsp of the mixture (I remind you that this is for 2 cups) and mix everything properly.

fruit cup

Let’s start with the white mixture. Put 2 tbsp of the mixture on the bottom of the glass. Be sure to wipe the spoon off on the edge of the bowl so that nothing drips in the glass. You can also smoothen the mixture in the glass with the spoon.

Let the glass rest in this position until the mixture becomes solid. If you have a good spot in the fridge, you can also let it set in the fridge.

fruit cup

Follow the same steps to make the cacao gelatin mixture – prepare gelatin, add 4 tbsp of mixture. Turn the glass so that the white mixture is up and put two tablespoons in the glass just like you did before. Let it solidify.

Then comes the strawberry layer so turn the glass around again (cacao mixture up) and pour in the strawberry mixture with gelatin. And start again from white.

fruit cup

Continue following the same steps until the glass is full.

fruit cup

Then you can place the glass straight and pour the last layer like this. Decorate with cookies. I make these Cacao-coconut cookies.

fruit cup

If you want the fruit-cheese cup chilled, leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours.



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