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Lip balm for our little ones

The winter is almost over and the early spring weather is trying to trick us into leaving our jackets at home and quit all the winter prevention. In our home it’s among other things the care of cracked skin and lips. Moreover, I have a little girl who likes to look into my makeup drawer and so I wanted to make her happy with this lip balm in the color that so many little girls adore. If you want a lip balm without any color, just skip the colorant ingredient.

You will need (for 2 lip balms):

– 4g of beeswax (I used the white pearls but you can use the yellow sheets as well)
– 6ml of jojoba oil
– 2g of lanoline
– half a teaspoon of mica colorant – skip this ingredient if you want a colorless balm
-for more protection add 1g of vitamin E
– 5 drops of essential oil – I chose coconut
– 2 lip balm containers – you can get them here


– digital scale
– small saucepan
– teaspoon
– something for stirring, e.g. a wooden spatula

The lip balm is easy and fast to make, however, I advise you not to hurry anything. Let’s do this:

1. Put the beeswax and the oil into a saucepan and let them melt and mix at a low heat. Stir often.

2. Add the lanoline, let it melt and mix it in.

The result should be completely homogenous.

3. Now switch off the stove and mix in the colorant and the essential oil.

If you don’t want to pour the balm directly from the saucepan, pour it into a more convenient recipient first.

4. Pour the balm into the containers, the mixture should be aligned with the edges of the containers. In a moment the balm will sink and there will be a small hole in the middle. Heat up a little of the balm in the stove and pour some more drops into the containers to cover the hole. I like to add a little more to make the balm a little round on the top. What you can see in the picture is what it looks like when the balm starts to sink.

5. When you’re done pouring, let the balm rest in the fridge. The result should be smooth when you apply it, it should not give you the sensation of rubbing a candle against your lips. If that’s what it does, just take the balm stick out of the container, melt it in the saucepan again and add some more oil.

That’s it, your little ones are ready to balm their lips crazy!

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