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Costume party inspiration

Looking for a last minute costume? Come in, please.

I have already shared with you the Princess Poppy’s costume, Princess Poppy’s wig and Princess Poppy’s wristband tutorials. Now I’d like to show you a few costumes that were made almost literally in the last minute.

Cute Witch Costume

The witch costume isn’t the type of costume for which I’d expect the most original award but to be a witch or a wizard is great fun for little girls and boys, especially if you complete the costume with a broom. How to make this costume fast? Take and adult-size black t-shirt and cut it from the bottom to create fringe like you see in the picture. Tie anything black as a belt in the waist and complete everything with a pair of black tights or leggins. Don’t forget to paint the face and muss the hair!

Little Kitty

This time I didn’t need to ask Lily what she wants to dress like. She would be a cat, “grandma, I’ll be a cat”, “mrs. neighbour, I will be a CAAAAAAT” and it’s important to have the “eeeaaaaars, mommyyyyyy!”
As you can see, this cat costume is easy to make if you can get a headband with the ears. The basics for the cat are cute clothes with a simple pattern. We used a t-shirt with ruffles, a bow and hearts and tights with polka dots. A truly cute kitten wears a skirt, in our case a black tulle tutu with golden splashes. To make the tail I used black tights tangled into a spiral. I tied a big pink bow on each end and I sew it to the skirt. When you have all this done the only thing left is to paint the face and hope that your child understands that it’s recommendable to take off the ears and makeup at night.

Oriental dancer

In the past year Lily experiences the phase of complete Frozen madness and so it was only natural that she would wear the Anna dress and the Elsa dress at some point. Now, in the last costume party season, however, she was willing to try something new. From my students years I had home a short top and a scarf with coins, both items for oriental dances. I also made for myself two tribal fusion costume parts. Arm covers from old socks and a headband made from a strap of elastic fabric onto which I sew some coins, red beads, two artificial flowers and two tribal fusion pendants.

Flamenco dancer

In the end I’d like to show you one more costume that I haven’t made. However, it’s attractive and original and there’s a chance that you”l be able to find a dress like that in the Czech second hand shops. Normally you can get them at the Spanish airports where they come in many sizes but within the Czech Republic just search in the e-shops of the second hand stores.

That’s all, Folks! What costume did you chose for your kids this year? Do you make the costumes at home? Share!

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