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Nail care paste with royal jelly

I went to a manicure recently. It was my second time and I generally felt like I went somewhere on my own after a hundred years. I happily left the children at school, spent almost one hour going there, then had my tired nails filed and went back feeling glorious with my shiny nails. Most of you probably know what a P-shine manicure is but I had no idea and wanted to try. I liked having someone taking care of my nails, however, I really wanted to make the nutritive mixture by myself. And so the tutorial for homemade peashiiiiine was born.

To make your nails shine like you just went to have the P-shine done, you just need to buy a buffer at a drugstore. I wrote instructions on how to make the nutritive paste. This paste is a nutritive bomb, it is full of good stuff. The royal jelly is quite expensive but it’s good in so many ways, it has lots of proteins among other things. The pollen has antioxidants, lots of vitamins, magnesium, amino acids and lots of other good things.

Ingredients and tools (for one 5g jar):

  • 5g jar
  • mortar
  • 4 g of bentonite (also knows as Aztec clay)
  • 1,5 g of beeswax
  • 2 ml of glycerine
  • 0,5 ml of panthenol
  • 1 drop of vitamine A
  • 1 ml of royal jelly
  • 0,5 g of bee pollen
  • 1 g of lanoline
  • 0,5 g of vitamine E


Use the mortar to make the pollen into powder. Then add bentonite.

Melt the beeswax and lanoline in a water bath and then add to the mortar.

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix properly.

Press the paste into the jar and keep it in the fridge. Before you use it, let it soften in a warm place.

How to use the paste:

Place some paste on the nail.

Rub it in using the nail buffer or another finger.

Let it do the magic for at least 5 minutes.

wash the nail with water and shine it with a buffer, if you want.

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