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Bear Soap for Children

I share this recipe for this Bear soap for children for all you soapmakers out there so your kids wash their hands with joy!

soap for children

Soapmaking is a great hobby of mine as I’ve said several times on this blog. In our family the cobbler’s children don’t go barefoot, we all use my soaps. I have a special one for my kids – I use silicone bear mold for it because who wouldn’t prefer a cute little bear to just a soap bar when they’re kids?

Actually, it’s not one recipe, it’s two. One contains lanolin anhydrate (white) and the other one macerated dandelion, kefir and honey (yellow).

This is not a soapmaking tutorial, I’m sharing my recipes for those who know how to make soaps. If you’re looking for full soap tutorials, I have a few here. Before you start, read about Safety in Soapmaking.

Soap with lanolin

  • 44 % of olive oil
  • 25 % of coconut oil
  • 15 % of shea butter
  • 10 % of sweet almond oil
  • 4 % lanolin
  • 2 % beeswax

Moreover, I made chamomile infusion in the amount of distilled water I used and macerated calendula in the almond oil for several weeks. I added citrate to the soap to promote the lather and also because our water is very hard. I also added some ahimsa silk. The soap for children has really nice lather and lasts long.

soap for children

Dandelion Soap with Kefir and Honey

  • 50 % of palm oil with macerated dandelion
  • 30 % of coconut oil
  • 10 % of linseed oil
  • 10 % of shea butter

I replaced about 20 % of the water with cow kefir and the rest of the liquid was chamomile infusion. I added 2 % of the oil weight in honey which I mixed in the oils just before adding the lye. I used citrate.

soap for children


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