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Dandelion shampoo for dry hair

With spring the creative mom changes into herbal mom. I try to use the short time when some herbs can be collected, I process, dry, macerate…

People see many herbs as weed nowadays. They forget that each plant has its place not only among the flora but also in our human world. Sadly, they don’t know that for example dandelion or taraxacum helps to moist dry hair and skin. to make the dandelion shampoo is quite easy, you need (using 100ml of dandelion infusion):

  • two handful of dandelion
  • distilled water
  • 10g of olive oil soap
  • 1/2tbsp of linseed oil
  • 20g of plantapon SF (or other tensid such as coco-glucoside – if you use other tensid adjust the ratio)
  • 10 drops of calium sorbate (or other preservative – adjust the ratio)
  • 2g of xanthan gum
  • at least 150ml bottle
  • small funnel

Let the dandelions infuse in some distilled water over night or one whole day.

Strain the infusion and take 100ml of it to work.

Add the xanthan gum to the infusion and let it disperse. Then add 10g of grated olive oil soap, linseed oil, plantapon and calium sorbate. Use the funnel to pour the soap into the bottle and use it as any other liquid shampoo.



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  1. Can I used this as my hair fall solution ? regards

    1. Petra says:

      I don’t think thus shampoo will solve hair loss.

  2. Nice post,thanks for sharing,very useful
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