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Paper lantern

The lantern processions, so typical for autumn in Czech republic, are quite close, so hurry up and make a lantern with this tutorial!

No story for today, the time is short and let’s get working. You will need:

  • round cheese box
  • sheet of baking paper
  • acrylic paint
  • something to decorate – I used leaves
  • paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pensil
  • cord
  • tea candle

First, measure the circumference of the cheese box. Then cut a rectangle from the baking sheet. The length should be equal to the circumference + 2 cm. The height should be the height of your lantern (so the height you choose).

Decorate one side of the baking sheet. I used some leaved that I had pressed and dried.

Now take the lid of the cheese box and draw a circle (I used a round cookie cutter). The circle should be big enough for you to be able to put a candle through it once you cut it out.

Cut out the circle and make two small holes on the sides for the cord.

Cut two stripes from paper. They should have the same length like your baking sheet rectangle and make them about 1 cm tall.

Glue the paper stripes aligned with the edges of the rectangle as shown in the picture.

Now you’ll be working with the bottom of the cheese box. Put some glue on the part close to the upper edge.

Slowly turn the bottom of the box as you glue one of the long sides of the baking sheet rectangle to it. Then put some glue on the inner side of the lid and put the lid on the cylinder made from the baking sheet rectangle.

Paint all the visible parts of the cheese box.

Pull the ends of the cord through the two small holes and tie knots.

Place the tea candle in the lantern. You can also replace the tea candles with some fake ones but if you use the real thing, be sure to attach the candle to the center of the bottom of the lantern, either by glue or by hot wax.

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