Paper Plate Face Masks

There’s never enough creative activities once the autumn weather arrives. This spring I needed lots of them because with the new baby’s arrival we were also visited by a series of kids’ illnesses which meant spending a lot of time indoors.

These face masks are great because they are fun to make and it’s a pretty cheap way to make costumes.


  • paper plates – one plate per mask or two
  • round rubber elastic or chop sticks – depends on whether you want the mask to sit on your head or hold it in your hand
  • adhesive tape if you want to hold the mask in your hand
  • paint and brush
  • any other decoration: rhinestones, glitter, feathers…
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • circular paper punch – hole diameter aprox. 5 mm
  • glue or glue gun

Prep the mask

Cut the paper plate in half or use a little more than a half for the mask.

Fold the mask in half, the fold is where your nose will be.

Or you leave the nose place folded or you cut out a curve or a triangle. Also, don’t forget to cut holes for your eyes.

With a paper punch make a hole on both sides of the mask, close to the edge. Skip this step if you want to hold your mask in your hand.


Now comes the best! Decorate the mask as you want. Paint it, sprinkle it with glitter, add rhinestones and feathers…

Last step

Fasten the round elastic in the punched holes or…

…attach a chopstick on the inside of the mask close to one edge. And you’re done!

Here are a few more photos for inspiration:


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