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“How many times to we go to sleep until…” countdown meter

Lately Lily has been measuring everything by how many times we have to go to bed until the event comes – birthdays, holidays, Christmas… my mom started making the girls these simple and effective meters which help them grasp the time concept better.


  • a piece of heavy weight paper
  • usual paper
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • glue
  • velcro circles
  • colors – paint, crayons…

Create the decoration for the top of the meter on the piece of heavy weight paper – use paint, stamps, stickers etc. Cut out the decoration.

From the normal paper, cut out stripe(s) and then draw the slots for the numbers.

Glue the stripe to the back of the decoration.

Write numbers into to the slots (remaining days, bedtimes or anything else). Start writing from up and from number 1.

Glue one velcro circle on the upper back side of the decoration and the other side of the velcro circle on the wall.

The velcro will make the meter hang on the wall.

You can start cutting and counting down!

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