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Tip for a trip: Nosislav

Trip in the region of South Moravia

If you find yourself in South Morava and you are looking for an easy trip in the nature where you can take even a city pram, Nosislav is the place to go! Moreover, if you’re a geocacher, it’s a double win.

Wine yards

Nosislav is a wine-growing town about 20 km south from Brno, right next to Židlochovice. The ideal time of the year to visit is now in August or in September when the wine grows ripe.

Looking for a Geocache

We found the path along the Nosislav wine yards a little by accident. We wanted to go out with the kids just for a while and find a few caches (if you don’t know what that is, look up “geocaching”). Well, we found out that there’s not only a beautiful path on the top of Nosislav, but also quite a few traditional caches. The walk along the wine yards is only about 2 km long and there are 10 caches. What you see in the photo is a shrine where one of the caches is hidden.

Wine cellars in Nosislav

We wanted to make the trip in the region of South Moravia little longer and decided to go down and walk through the town. On the way back from the wine yards you can get some ice cream, check out the beautiful stone wine cellars or buy some honey. And also find more caches.

So if you’re in South Moravia and want to go for a walk in the nature (for example on your way to Lednice and Valtice), stop in Nosislav for a while.

Nosislav's typical landscape

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