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Snow “Globe” in a Jar

I was really looking forward to this year’s winter. I hoped it would bring much more snow than the last winter and we could finally break in the new sledge and teach our daughter to skate. Even before the winter came me and Lily decided to make our own snow globes, since she liked so much the one the grandma brought her from Spain and which we have to hide constantly because the baby is very attracted to it.

These snow jars are very easy to make so at least we don’t need to cry over hours of lost work when the baby claw gets to it and offs it.

Supplies for a snow jar:

  • clean jar
  • decoration – I used a polymer clay flower
  • epoxy glue
  • glitter – I cut the silver paper decoration from our Christmas tree but you can purchase glitter to save some work

You can also use:

        • Something to glue under the decoration to make it higher like metal washers
        • paint to paint the lid
        • glycerin – this will make the glitter fall more slowly

How to make the snow globe in a jar:

Glue the washers inside the lid. Glue them one by one waiting for the glue to properly dry.

I painted the washers with glitter but you can skip this step.

Glue your decoration on the top of the washers.

Fill the glass with water and glycering using the ratio 3:1 and mix in the glitter.

Put some glue on the threading of the lid and close the jar with the lid. You can also paint the outside of the lid. When the glue on the threading has dried (see the instructions of the glue) turn the jar upside down and you can shake it and make it snow and hope that your offspring will find it interesting and spend many hour playing with it quietly (or at least 5 minutes).

Unfortunatelly, I can’t post a photo of my finished jar beause our young rebel got to it too fast and ended the whole thing. So here are some photos of other snow globes in a jar we made.

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