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Patterns for the “Muzzle” Face Mask

I decided to redo the patterns for the Muzzle Face Mask a little and add one larger size. Here’s a complete list of the patterns downloadable in JPG. The sizes are very individual, I’ve found out from the feedback that what fits the adults in one family can fit children in another. As for the “baby” size XS – remeber that it’s always better if babies under the age of 2 don’t wear face masks, so this is only for the most necessary cases. Always try to opt for other solutions like covering the pram/carseat with a lightweigh fabric.

All the patterns are drawn to fit the scale of DIN A4 sheet. If you’re US-based or have a paper scale similar to the US, the recommendation is to print at 120% although I find that it works a bit differently for everyone, someone is OK with the European scale, most use 120 and one reader said 140%.

SIZE L – Download in JPG

SIZE M – Download in JPG

SIZE S – Download in JPG

SIZE XS – Download in JPG

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  1. Is there and easy printable set of instructions for the muzzle face masks? I would like to print them out without ads. I was able to print out the patterns. Thank you.

    1. Petra says:

      Hey Ria,
      yes there is! I published these instructions also on Instructables, you can download the whole thing via the PDF button in the top righthand corner here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Face-Mask-2/

  2. Deb Massar says:

    How long do you cut elastic for each size?

    1. Petra says:

      Hey Deb, this is so individual that I don’t dare to generalize. I do the following for our family: I cut a 30 cm stripe of elastic, pull it through and tie the ends with a knot. The person tries it on and if it doesn’t fit I adjust the knot. When it fits or the person wears it with the knot or I cut the elastic just under the knot and stitch the ends together. Thanks for a great question, unfornutatelly, there’s no clear answer to this.

  3. Catherine says:

    thank you for doing this pattern on line. I have had a hard time downloading before, this one was quick and “painless” for us novices at the computer. Keep safe!

    1. Petra says:

      Thank you, Catherine, you have no idea how happy that makes me! I’ve had some issues with the files and had to update them many times, I’m so glad it finally works!

  4. When I was looking last night, I thought you had an XL pattern. I cannot find it today. Was I mistaken?

    1. Petra says:

      Hi Linda, the largest is L. Do you need a larger size?

  5. Maggie says:

    When I print out the in/cm scale does not match the measurement for either the PDF or the jpg. Any ideas?

    1. Petra says:

      Usually the problem is that your “Adjust to page” or “Fit to page” box is checked, it should stay unchecked. Then there is the problem with different scale of standardized papers in the US and in Europe (I’m based in Europe and here the standard paper is DIN A4). One of my readers who used this pattern successfully said the following:
      “Using the pdf document: In the print dialog box, there is a ‘more settings’ option, click on that and then you see a ‘scale’ option. I changed that to custom and 120%. That got me real close to the 1 inch scale when printing. I tried changing the paper size option from 8 1/2 X 11 to A4, but that didn’t seem to change anything.”
      Another US-reader also commented that using the 120% scale fixes the problem so this might be worth trying.

  6. Maria Downin says:

    When I was on here yesterday April 28th there was XS – S – M – L – XL and now The XL PDF pattern is now gone.
    How do I go about getting the XL PDF pattern to download…Thank you for posting the other sizes for us to be able
    to download.

    1. Petra says:

      Hi Maria, there were 3 sizes for this mask and then upon request I added the size L. There was never an XL. I can make an XL if you need it but have you tried L? That one is already quite large.

  7. kathleen donnelly says:

    I printed out the patterns and they all seem very small. I did enlarge them to 125 on the zoom button. I made a L for myself and I’m a tiny person and it does not go under my chin and is way to short on the sides?
    Can you suggest what I can do for a better fit?

    1. Petra says:

      Hello, the US-based readers generally recommend zooming in 140 %. I personally prefer printing from jpg as I find the pdf saves the pattern smaller but I made a pdf version on request as well. So if you’re from the American continent, try the 140 % scale.

  8. Janice says:

    What size material do you start with

    1. Petra says:

      Hello, it really depends on the size of the pattern you choose. Print the pattern, check if the 1 inch box fits and then choose the size of the fabric accordingly.

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