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Scratch Off Love Card

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Are you looking for an original idea for a card for St. Valentine’s Day, anniversary or birthday? Try to make this scratch off card with my tutorial.

You can customize your scratch off card to fit your idea and the occassion. Use your imagination to decorate it with stickers, paint and ink, even thinestones…


  • heavy weight paper
  • acrylic paint
  • brush
  • dish soap
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • transparent adhesive tape
  • anything to decorate: paint, ink, stickers…
  • spray varnish if you’re using paint that stains

Start with the text. Then make the fields (hearts, circles, anything) – those will be the scratch off area. Cover the inside of the fields with the tape. If you’re a lucky owner of a laminating machine, cut out the desired shape of your card and laminate it instead of just using the tape.

Mix 2 units of acrylic paint with 1 unit of the dish soap (I used a 1ml spoon to measure). Using a brush paint the fields with the mixture and let it dry.

Decorate your card.

Cut it out and spray with the varnish. Don’t forget to cover the scratch off area.

Give the scratch off card to your loved one together with a coin for scratching off the secret message!

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