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How to Make a Pompom

Learn to make pompoms for your creative projects!


  • yarn
  • scissors
  • piece of cardboard
  • pencil

Cut two equal circles from cardboard and cut out smaller circles in their center. Mine are 12 cm in diameter and the small cutout is 4 cm in diameter. Place both circles on top of each other.

Start wrapping your yarn around the cardboard passing throught the hole in the center. Try to cover the circles equally.

The more layers you make the thicker your pompom will be.

After you’re done, start cutting the yarn at the edge while holding it in place in the center.

Cut all the way around.

Lift one of the cardboard circles and tie a very tight know with another piece of yarn inbetween the two cardboard rings. This yarn should be rather thin (like embroidery cotton) and much longer than the yarn in the pompom.

Remove the cardboard rings and this is what you have now.

Hold the piece of yarn with the know between your fingers and shake the pompom to give it the right shape.

If you’ve noticed, some yarn pieces are longer than the others and in general, the pompom doesn’t have a smooth curvy shape yet. So start cutting it to give it the correct shape. I like to hold the pompom between my fingers to check for longer threads and also to hold it upside down. The long yarn should still stay long, don’t cut it and use it for attaching the pompom to whatever you need.

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