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Coronation Hairstyle of Anna from Frozen

Do you have little fans of Frozen at home? I do, two of them in fact, and they love the costumes and props from this movie. Princess Anna from Frozen wears a special hairstyle to her sister’s coronation and even though it looks complicated, it’s not. Let’s see how to make it.

anna hairstyle frozen

The hairstyle is basically a bun with spiraled ponytail around it and a braid around the head from ear to ear. Anna wears bangs but no need to cut it just because of one hairstyle.

As you can see this is a hairstyle for long hair. If your girl’s hair isn’t long, you could consider clip-on extensions.

anna hairstyle frozen anna hairstyle frozen anna hairstyle frozen anna hairstyle frozen

Did you know that I have a bunch of tutorials on costumes? You can check them out here! And if you’re looking for more hairstyles for girls, you might be interested also in my Faux Mohawk Haistyle. Just don’t forget – you don’t need to pay a lot of money to create professional hairstyles. You just need a little patience to practice.


  • 10-15 bobby pins
  • green ribbon
  • small clear hair elastics
  • comb
  • a little water

How to Make Frozen-inspired Coronation Hairstyle of Anna

I find that the most challenging thing about the hairstyles for girls (or kids haircuts and hairstyles) is to keep the girls relatively still. So before you start you might want to look for a toy or any other entertainment.

Comb the hair well and dampen it a little, a spray bottle would be the most practical for this.

Separate a section from just above the ear (on both sides) as if you were to make a half updo.

Put them together into a half ponytail.

Take one section of hair from just behind one ear and start braiding. Hold the braid upwards while braiding.

Make a braid all the way to the end of this hair strand.

Pull on the sides of the braid carefully to make the braid wider and more voluminous.

Lead the braid over the head behind the other ear and pin it with a bobby pin there (red arrow) and also on the top of the head.

This is what it should look like.

Split the loose hair in two sections and unite them above the ponytail.

Then add the ponytail to them and start twisting the hair towards one side. The hair in the center should lift a little and create a bun.

účes anna ledové království

Twist the ponytail around the bun pinning it with bobby pins all around. Pin the end of the ponytail inside the bun or rather under it so it doesn’t show.

účes anna ledové království

If you find the bun is too small, pull it carefully with your fingers.

účes anna ledové království

Fold the ribbon in half and “thread” it on a bobby pin where the fold is. Pin this bobby pin with the ribbon in the lower part of the bun.

anna hairstyle frozen anna hairstyle frozen

anna hairstyle frozen

Tadááá! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as I will definitely prepare more tutorials on hairstyles for girl for you!


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