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Chestnut animals

Is there a smell or a feeling that reminds you of your childhood? For me it’s the look at the ripe chestnuts. Most of the Czechs know this typical autumn activity from home and school. It is fun for kids as well as adults. I bring you a simple tutorial to create a chestnut giraffe and a few photos of other animals we’ve made. 

You will need:

  • chestnuts
  • wooden sticks (our are about 3 mm in diameter)
  • wine bottle opener

We start with making holes into the chestnuts with the bottle opener:

Take the chestnut that you want to be the body of the giraffe. Make 4 holes on one side and 2 holes on the other side (see photos).

Now take four sticks of the same length and carefully push them in the four holes on one side. Those will be the legs.

On the other side one longer stick comes in one hole (this will be the neck) and one short stick in the other hole (the tail).

Make 2 holes in another chestnut and place shorter stick pieces in them – now you have the giraffe’s ossicones. Make one hole on the other side of the chestnut and place the chestnut on the neck.

The last step is to take 4 chestnuts and make one hole in the center of each of them. Put them on the legs of the giraffe to create the hooves. Done, now let’s make a few friends for our giraffe!




And the giraffe once again

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