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Dollhouse in a suitcase

In the Czech republic it is common to receive a small cardboard suitcase when you’ve had a baby. You might find some useful things in it like a bottle, a pacifier, baby laundry detergent…lately however, I find there are more and more advertising papers. I didn’t want to throw out the suitcase itself and whilst I used the first one for storage, I decided to turn the second one into a dollhouse.

You don’t need any special material, the following is enough:

  • suitcase
  • paint (acrylic, temperas…)
  • brush
  • decorative paper
  • some cardboard
  • scissors
  • carboard cutter
  • glue
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • mini furniture – I bought some on Ebay

Measure the inner dimensions of the suitcase and cut 4 equal rectangles from the decorative paper to cover the back wall of the suitcase. Glue them on.

From the cardboard, cut 2 stripes as wide as is the depth of the suitcase. One of them should be as long as is the width of the suitcase, the other one as long as is the height of the suitcase. In the center of one of the stripes, make a narrow cut and slide the other stripe into this cut to form a cross. Glue this cross onto the walls of the suitcase.

Paint the walls, floor and ceiling of the rooms, I painted them white. You can paint some windows. Pain the inner side of the lid as a garden, the walls of the lid can be painted to make a fence.


Paint the outside of the suitcase and don’t forget the roof.


Add the furniture and organize a teaparty!

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    1. Petra says:

      This was about 30×20 cm.

  1. Nice post,thanks for sharing,very useful
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    1. Petra says:

      You are very welcome!

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