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Handmade Dollhouse Magnetic Pizza

handmadeLately, I’ve been really enjoying the work with polymer clay and after I finished a little bigger and scary piece, I wanted to try something really tiny for my daughters’ dollhouse. Not so long ago I made a folcloric breakfast for our dolls and I wanted to continue with some more food, so here comes the tiny handmade dollhouse magnetic pizza I made. And not just any pizza, the pieces hold on the plate thanks to magnets and the handmade pizza comes with a cutter.

Supplies for Handmade Magnetic Dollhouse Pizza

– polymer clay – I used transparent Cernit. I like to paint my baked product rather than use colored clay because I find the finished look more realistic. The transparent clay has an advantage when there are places easy to paint from one side but difficult from the other side – the color is visible through. The disadvantage is, that the transparent clay texture is very smooth and the paint is more difficult to stick to it.

– paint – usually, I would use acrylic paint. However, the transparent clay is so smooth that I couldn’t get the color to stick to the surface. In this case, I used tempera paint.

– varnish spray – not absolutelly necessary if you use acrylic paint

 8 round magnets, diameter 6 mm

– round cookie cutter, diameter 7 cm

– round cookie cutter, diameter 1 cm

– small round brushes

– knife

– any tools you might like to use – clay sculpting tools, cake decorating tools…

– silicone mat

– rolling pin

How to make it

Plate and Base

Roll out the polymer clay to be about 6 mm thick and cut 2 circles with the large cookie cutter.

Push 4 of the magnets in one of the circles as you see in the second photo. Watch that the magnets in both the plate and the pizza pieces attract each other.

This will deform the before flat surface, so roll over the magnets a few times lightly. Set the flat circle aside.

handmade handmade

Do the same with the other circle of clay, only this time also cut it into 4 equal pizza pieces.


Using a round tool push around the outter edges of each pizza piece (about 5 mm from the edge) to create the crust and make it prominen.

Make it delicious!

Cut another large circle with the cookie cutter, only this time, roll out the dough really thin (1 mm or less). Cut it in 4 pieces same like with the pizza pieces. This will be the cheese-tomato base of the pizza.

Place the “cheese” on top of each piece.

Use tools to make the cheese wrinkle, just like when you cut your pizza into pieces and start taking them and the cheese melts….

handmade handmade

Make small balls (4 mm) and flatten them with your fingers. Place them on the pizza pieces as slices of tomato.


Make a bit smaller flat round shapes from smaller balls (around 3 mm) and place them like salami slices. Lift the edges of some of them a little.

Then make small balls once again and roll them just a little bit oval and place them on the pizza. Those will be your olives.

Handmade Pizza Cutter

Cut out one circle from a very thin piece of clay and 1 cm in diameter. Prepare 2 small balls.

Flatten the balls and place them in the center of the circle, on both sides.

Roll out two 2 cm long ropes and place one of their ends in the center of the small round flat shape. Cut them a little shorter.

Place another 2-3 cm long rope between the previous two.

Roll out another rope, this time very very thin and quite long.

Wrap this rope around the place the ropes intersect.


Bake according to the indications of the manufacturer of the clay.

In my case:

Preheat the oven on 130 °C. Place the pieces on a baking sheet in a tray. Let everything bake for 30 minutes, then let cool down completely.


If your baked clay has a rough texture the acrylic paint probably sticks to it comfortably and the acrylics would be the best to use. Mine wasn´t and so I couldn´t. I used tempera and rather thick.

For the salami mix some dark red with a little brown. Paint both sides of the salami, use very tiny round brush where it´s hardly accessible. If there´s a part you just cannot reach with the brush, the transparent clay will be an advantege – the color will be visible through. Use the tip of a small brush or even the tip of a pin to make small white and very watery dots for grease pieces in the salami.

Paint the tomatos bright red.

Then mix a very light mixture of red, white and a little yellow and paint the inside of the tomato slices. Don´t forget the seeds!


Paint the olives with a mixture of black and some dark green.


For the cheese, mix plenty of white with just a little of yellow. While the cheese paint is still wet, blend in a few drops of red, that´s the crushed tomatos visible through the cheese.

Paint the crust and all the pastry with light brown. That means also the bottom, sides and under the cheese layer.


Paint the wheel of the cutter white and the rest in grey or silver.


Paint the plate white and spray varnish everything.



I hope you liked this tutorial and now you can enjoy playing with the handmade magnetic dollhouse pizza.


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