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Eating healthy is so important…almost every child knows that. And then try to give that child a piece of red pepper and tomato when they’ve been introduced to wonders like waffles and biscuits. Sometimes I made healthy alternatives to puddings and sweet yoghurts – no added sugar, no wannabe-healthy syrups. Our healthy snack is ready in a minute, no complicated cooking.

Our kids are used to eating fresh fruit and vegetables. We don’t have any cabinet with sweets at home and they are being explained why eating healthy is important. Despite of all that the sometimes want something sweet and unhealthy. And I say, if it’s once in a while and at home they eat well, why not. They do understand why eating candy often is not o good life-choice and I prefer to allow them certain things every now and then rather than make it the forbidden fruit that tastes the best.

However, I try to keep it healthy at home and I make us healthy snack/breakfast.

zdravá svačinka

I know that syrups are hugely popular now and some people call them healthy sweeteners. I don’t share that opinion and if I want to sweeten something, I prefer to use honey as a local product (but I don’t call it healthy sugar). I am also not against usual white sugar in limited amount. What I find the best sweetener for children, is the fruit itself. Blended banana works great and also – surprise – ground cinnamon tastes sweet.

healthy snack

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1. Oatmeal with apple and orange

zdravá svačinkaI soak the oat flakes overnight – usually in milk for my children and in almond milk for myself. I prefer fine rolled oats because they soak better without boiling.

As I said, I don’t boil them and they become nicely soft over night. My kids prefer them boiled so it’s boiled oatmeal for them.

I mix the oatmeal with diced apple and pieces of orange and ta-daa!




2. Millet with cinnamon and pear

zdravá svačinkaThis is my favorite healthy snack – I like millet a lot although my kids are not fans.

I boil the millet until it’s soft – in water, milk, almond milk…whatever I feel like.

Then I mix it with ground cinnamon and slices of pear.





3. Chia or tapioca pudding with almonds and strawberries

I prefer local products rather than imported superfood but why not make an exception every now and then. I like chia pudding and it’s also an easy healthy snack.

I put the chia seeds in a bowl with coconut or almond milk and let it sit for several hours.

I like the chia pudding properly crunchy so I add some nuts, preferably almond slices.

Let’s be honest – chia doesn’t taste like anything. So nice ripe strawberries will add taste and sweetness.

This tastes also great with tapioca pearls instead of chia seeds. The difference is that you’ll have to boil the tapioca after soaking it.


4. Oatmeal with orange juice

I love making this oatmeal in Spain in winter because that’s when we have almost unlimited access to fresh oranges.

I let the fine rolled oats soak in some fresh orange juice overnight.

In the morning I just mix them with some orange slices.

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