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Miniature Paper Handbag

I have two girls at home just at the age when they like all those little things that we adults consider dust-catchers and generally ask Why have this? And they also like making these little things for their friend. And this miniature handbag from paper – I should rather say handbags – are great gifts. They are fairly easy to make and each one is an original.

miniature paper handbag

And if you like folding and mini paper crafts, check out also my Origami Mini Book, also a cute gift which, moreover, you can match it with the handbag.


– cover: paper square 15,2 x 15,2 cm/6 x 6 in (I used origami paper)

– inside handbag: 3 paper squares 15,2 x 15,2 cm/6 x 6 in (I used white paper)

– 1 paper stripe 15,2 x 0,5 cm/6 x 0,2 in

– 1 paper stripe 9 x 0,5 cm/3,5 x 0,2 in

– scissors

– glue

– decoration: pearls, rhinestones, ribbons…

How to Make Miniature Paper Handbag

Create Creases

First, we’ll be working on the inside of the handbag.

miniature paper handbag

miniature paper handbag

1., 2. Place your paper on the table and fold it in half.

miniature paper handbag

3. Open (now the paper has a crease in the middle) and fold the edges in to the crease.

miniature paper handbag

4. Open again, now the paper has three creases. Place your paper so that the creases are vertical.

miniature paper handbag

5. Fold the paper up in half. Open side is facing up.

miniature paper handbag

6. Fold the lower edge about 1 cm/0,4 inch up.

miniature paper handbag

7. Fold both lower corners at a right angle to the crease.

miniature paper handbag

8. Open all the folds, you’ve made all the necessary creases.

Fold the Inside and Assemble

miniature paper handbag

1. Place the paper so that the three parallel creases are vertical. Fold one side in. I’m using bobby pins to help me keep everything in place for the photo, you don’t need to use them.

Miniature Paper Handbag

2. Fold a part of this side back out like you see in the photo.

Miniature Paper Handbag

3. Do the same on the other side. It created two triangle-like shapes.

Miniature Paper Handbag

4. Fold the paper over the two triangles in.

Miniature Paper Handbag

5. Repeat steps 1 – 4 on the other side of the paper. Now you have something that resembles a narrow box.

Miniature Paper Handbag

6. Each side of the box has a crease and you need to push that crease in to make the box even narrower.

Miniature Paper Handbag

7. You also need to push in the crease at the bottom.

8. Press and you have one third of the inside of the handbag. Create two more inside “boxes”.

9. Glue the long sides of two boxes together.

10. Glue the third one as well.

Outside of the Miniature Paper Handbag

1. I used origami paper for the outside.

2. Fold both sides of the paper towards the center (without folding the paper in half first, you don’t want the middle crease here).

3. Place the paper up with the side where the folded edges meet. Glue one of the long side of the inside of the book on one end of the folded stripe of the outside. Glue only the center, not the edges yet. The open side of the inside handbag should be facing away from the folded stripe.

4. Wrap the folded stripe around the inside covering the not open side of it. Now you can try to overlap the folded stripe over the handbag.

5. At the end of the folded stripe that is not glued to the inside, fold both corners in and then up again. You’ve created a crease for the next step.

6. Open each corner and push the corner in.

7. Press the corners with your fingers and glue the folds.

Finishing Touch

Now you’ll be using the 0,5 cm/0,2 in stripes.

1. Take one stripe and glue its end to the inside of the folded stripe (origami paper) just in a place where it folds over the inside of the handbag.

2. Lead the stripe over the handbag and glue the end of the other side. This way you create the handle of the handbag.

Now for the other stripe. Fold about 0,5 cm/0,2 inch in and glue it inside between the origami paper and the inside of the handbag (there where I told you to glue together only the center).

3. Fold 0,5 cm/0,2 inch on the other end of the stripe and glue it on the other side.

4. Overlap the upper side of the origami paper and close the handbag. You can decorate the stripe on the front with pearls, ribbons or anything else you want.

5. and 6. Now you have a perfect little handbag to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

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