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Winter poppyseed oil lip balm

Winter has come and I realized we are completely out of protective lip balm. So yesterday I got down to work. I prepared several new recipes and bring you the first one, our shiny new winter poppyseed oil lip balm which will accompany us this winter.

winter poppyseed lip balm

The smell of the poppy is one of those warm notes that are great for this cold weather we’re currently having. The whole recipe focused on potent protection and hydratation so it’s perfect for everyone who likes to play outside in winter;-)

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  • 8 g of sweet almond oil
  • 16 g of poppyseed oil
  • 8 g of cupuacu butter
  • 8 g of beeswax
  • 6-7 lip balm containers

The poppyseed oil smells great and strenghtens the natural skin barrier. I also used sweet almond oil which provides lots of vitamins and repairs chapped and dry skin. The cupuacu butter has the ability to penetrate the skin fast and reach very deep and provide very strong nutrition. You can use shea butter instead, however, the cupuacu butter is a bit more effective. I used white beeswax because I wanted to color some of the balm with mica powder but you can use natural beeswax as well.

How to make the winter poppyseed lip balm

As always, desinfect all the tools and surface before you start with the work.

Place all the ingredients in a bowl and meld them in a water bath. This means you have to place the bowl in (or on the top of) a pot with water and let the water boil. The boiling water or its steam will heat the bowl and melt the ingredients (but the water itself shouldn’t get into the bowl).

Stir the mixture a little and just slowly to avoid bubbles and then fill the lipbalm containers with it. I use syringes to fill the containers.

When the balm solidifies, the center will probably lower a little and a small hole will form in the center. You can melt some of the leftover mixture and fill the container some more.

Place the balm in the frisge for a whole and the winter poppyseed lip balm is done!

makovy balzam

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