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Salve for Dyshidrotic Eczema (and maybe other eczemas)

Dyshidrotic eczema can be pretty annoying, just like any other eczema I guess. Fortunately, there is not just effective medicine we can buy at the pharmacy but also remedies we can whip up at home. And I really recommend this homemade salve for dyshidrotic eczema that might work also for other types of eczemas.

dyshidrotic eczema

My eternal thanks to Barbara Šuková, professional Czech soapmaker from the blog V mýdlové pěně for pointing me in the direction of this recipe. She translated Heike Käser’s recipe for the protection basis which is the alpha and omega of the recipe. Heike Käser from the web Olionatura is the author of the recipe for the basis and the also published the recommendation from one of her fans to mix the basis with shea butter to use on dyshidrotic eczema. The original recipe is here. And I also want to thank the Czech web Ame-ina Wiki přírodní domácí kosmetiky for publishing the translation.

Please visit all the above because they all have their share of credit for making this remedy accessible to people.

dyshidrotic eczema

Four statements from me before we start:

  1. As I’ve already said, the recipe is not my invention. However, I decided to divulge it in this way because I know how desperate dyshidrotic eczema can make you. My addition to it is adding some optional extra stuff.
  2. There are several links in this recipe but I am not getting any commissions from the visits or sales. Some of the ingredients are not easy to find and I think linking to the e-shops directly will save you time and nerves.
  3. By sharing this recipe I do not say that you shouldn’t go to the doctor! Each person with skin problems should go for dermatology checks.
  4. As many patients would confirm, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. This salve probably won’t be an exception but I really recommend to try it.

How does the salve for dyshidrotic eczema work and why might it work for other eczemas as well?

Half of the salve is the barrier basis that helps regenerate the skin and its ability to protect itself from harmful external factors. You can read more about this in the original post with the recipe.

It doesn’t contain steroids or antibiotics although keep in mind that these might be necessary at some point in your eczema treatment. However, we want treatment that we can use long term and this salve is perfect for that. Because it restores the natural abilities of the skin I think it might work well also for other types of eczema.


For 40 grams of salve:

  • 9,5 g of neutral oil – just search for “neutral oil” in any e-shop with cosmetic ingredients
  • 1,0 g of gamma-oryzanol – purchase here
  • 2,0 g of ascorbyl palmitate – purchase here
  • 2,0 g of ceramids – purchase here
  • 5,5 g of Avocadin – purchase here
  • 20 g of shea butter or any other butter you like – murumuru, nilotica…
  • optional: 0,5 g of anything else you know your skin likes like lanoline, coconut oil, neem oil…
  • 2 glass or thick plastic containers
  • something for stirring
  • salve container
  • electronic thermometer

The author uses Avocadin as an alternative to phytosteryl macadamiate. I use Avocadin because it’s easier to get where I live. If you use the phytosteryl, you will have to switch the order to mix it in with the ceramids.

dyshidrotic eczema

How to make it

Heat up the neutral oil (I do it in a thick plastic container in a water bath) to 100 °C/212 °F.  Stir constantly and add first the gamma-oryzanol, then the ascorbyl palmitate, then avocadin and in the end the ceramids. As I mentioned above, if you’re using the phytosteryl instead of avocadin, first mix in the ceramids and in the end the phytosteryl. When everything’s combined, take the container off the heat. Meanwhile melt the shea butter and optional ingredients and mix them in the basis. Let everything cool down to 50 – 60 °C/122 – 140 °F and pour the salve in the salve container. The author indicated the shelf life of the basis of 12 months but if the other ingredients expire sooner then of course the whole salve expires sooner.


If this salve for dyshidrotic eczema helped you, please let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to visit the pages of the good people mentioned above and if you’d like some more of my cosmetic recipes, you can find them here.


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