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Painting the children’s room

Sometimes I wish my mind would stop coming with new ideas for a while. However, I know it to be impossible, the ideas just keep coming and won’t let me sleep until I promise them to make them real. One day I decided to paint the children’s room. Not just with one color, it would have to be something very original…

At first the idea was to paint the Little Mole with his friends but then I realized that when my kids start attending the elementary school they might not appreciate the cartoon character for toddlers. I kept thinking about a meadow in bloom, I switched to single bigger flowers and finally I decided to paint the poppies. And who wouldn’t like a little nap in the shadow of a tree? The tree in the corner with the bed was a sure thing.

Several years have passed and I’m really glad I enjoyed the process of painting. Because if I was focused only on the result and not liking the process, I would have to admit that I should have painted the room in just one color. Just a few days after finishing my then two-year-old added some blue color to the wall using ink and stamps. I stopped her attempt to self-express on the fresh painting and fixed it more or less but she just kept adding more and more. Now her younger sister has taken over. The poppies are still there but now we have small people running on the meadow, flies and birds flying and also a touch of abstraction provided by my younger one painting “hairballs” between the flowers. So the little ladies will have to keep their bedroom wall as it is a few more years until I’m sure they’re wise enough to discuss their wished as for what to pain on the wall beforehand.

And here are some photos, feel free to feel inspired:


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