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Fire breathing dragon

Probably every household has a never ending supply of toilet paper rolls and so there aren’t enough projects to recycle them. I would like to show you how to do this little fire breathing dragon project with your children.

Supplies to make one dragon:

  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • crepe paper in at least 5 colors (I used green to cover the roll and red, orange, yellow and light beige for the fire)
  • 4 small fluffy balls, a pair of the same color and one pair should be a little bigger than the other
  • small piece of white paper
  • black pencil
  • stick glue
  • scissors

Measure and cut the crepe paper to cover the paper roll twice around. Glue the paper to the roll and cut off the excessive edges.

From the other colors cut stripes 10 – 15 cm long that will be pointy towards one end. About 4 stripes of each color should be enough.

Glue the stripes with the wider end to the inside edge of the roll…

…until the whole circumference of the roll is covered.

Cut circles from the white paper and make a black dot in their center. Then glue them on the bigger fluffy balls to create eyes.

Glue the finished eyes as you see in the photo.

Then do the same with the smaller balls that will be the dragon’s nostrils.

Your dragon is done!


Just blow to make the dragon breathe fire.


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