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Recycled mini hats

So you say your dolls have nothing to wear, ey…

Me and my girls decided do spruce up the dolls wardrobe adding a few fashionable hats to it. The kids like to go through all the rhinestones, beads and ribbons and play designers. These mini hats were a really fun way to spend the afternoon and moreover, we recycled a few bottle caps.

Supplies to make mini hats:

  • bottle caps
  • a piece of hard paper
  • glue gun
  • acrylic paint and brush
  • glue
  • decoration – ribbons, rhinestones etc.
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • circular templates
  • optionally a piece of thin elastic if the hat doesn’t want to stay on the doll’s head

First, draw some circles a bit bigger than your bottle caps. The circular ruler is great for this.

Draw another circle in the middle of these bigger circles. This time you can copy your bottle caps.

Cut out the bigger circle and then inside the smaller circle cut out a circle that’s a little smaller.

Paint the bottle cap on the outside and the paper cutout from both sides.

Glue the bottle caps on the paper cutouts.

Glue a ribbon in the place where the two parts meet to cover the glue.

Add decoration.

Our hats didn’t stay on the dolls’ heads always ideally, so I glued a thin elastic inside the hats, right at the edge.

And some more pictures:

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