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Pillow-shaped Gift Boxes

Nice giftbox easy to make. Pick a paper with some nice pattern to bring it to the next level.

I work with a specific size in this tutorial, however, you can choose any size you want. You don’t even need to use a square paper, a rectangle would work just as fine.

Material and tools:

  • heavy weight paper square 10 x 10 cm
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • anything round to contour – a glass, a cookie cutter…
  • glue

Cut the paper in the desired size.

Fold 1 cm on one edge (the future side of the box).

Find the middle of the paper (don’t count in the folded centimeter) and score it.

Fold in half.

Place your round thing on one end of the folded paper and mark the upper round part.

Cut where you’ve marked it to round the corners. Repeat the last two steps on the other end of the paper.

Open the paper and do the following on both ends, all sides (four times in total): place the round thing on the inner side of your paper and again mark the round upper part. Make sure that the ends of the curve you are just drawing meet the ends of the curve you’ve just cut (red arrows). Now score all the curves.

Apply glue to the folded centimeter on one edge, fold the paper in half again and glue the edges.

Your box should look like this.


Now you’ll be closing both ends of the box using the scored curves. Push the sides of the ends inside, it should be easy thanks to the scores.

And your box is done.

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