Showing off my Clover Bag :)

After I’ve made several handbags ranging from envelopes to a really big bag that can carry all the things I need for my kids, I wanted to try something less usual. 

Some time ago I stumbled upon the Indonesian Churi Chuly gallery and I’ve been admiring the awesome quilted bags ever since. I’ve already made some fabric flowers for one of my previous bags, this time I wanted to try the quilting and several types of embroidery. I decided to make a 4-side-clover bag for carrying yarn or other creative necessities. Both the outside and the lining of the bag are made from cotton canvas, the interface is fusible fleece and handles are made from a faux leather belt. The embroidery is made from cotton thread. The shape of the bag is round-square and the bag was assembled from 4 pieces each of which has side seams to form the bottom. There are quite a few mistakes I need to learn to handle but I’m happy with the result anyway. Check out some more photos including the details of the embroidery.


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