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Pin birthday calendar

It took me a long time to publish this project but I think it’s worth the wait! I wanted to create a funny way for my kids to see whose birthday was coming up next.Your children can help create this calendar by tieing the cord, painting the pins and even writing on them.

First find a suitable place for your calendar – the 12 cords representing the months of the year. It can be a railing or pins in a board or a wall.

Yoi’ll need:

  • Wooden clothespins – get them here
  • tempera paint colors and a brush
  • thin black marker
  • Cord
  • Hard paper, abput half a sheet
  • Crayons
  • Anything to make holes in the paper
  • Scissors


Tie the cord in 12 lines representing the 12 months of the year.

Paint the pins.

Once the paint has dried, use the marker to write names and the number indicating the day.

Cut 12 circles from the paper and customize each circle for one month.

Male holes in the circles and tie them to the beginning of each month.


Place the pins on the corresponding cords.

Teach your kids to check for upcoming birthdayd.

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