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Caterpillar on Leaf

Isn’t this paper craft just adorable? This caterpillar on leaf is so cute and you can have it done in a few minutes!

First, I have to give thanks for this craft and tutorial to my Creative Daughter. I am so proud of her, always crafting and being really good at it! And one day, she just waves this cute little thing in front of me. As you move the stalk, the caterpillar moves like it’s alive, see for yourself:

It’s so simple, older kids can make it by themselves and for smaller children this is a great opportunity for some crafting with children.

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  • green paper
  • scissors
  • liquid glue
  • paper napkin
  • black felted pen
  • optional: anything to decorate the leaf with, e.g. wooden caterpillar

Leaf on Caterpillar – Tutorial


Fold a piece of the green paper in half and draw half a leaf, so when you cut it out you have a full leaf. Your leaf should be about 9 cm/3.5 in long.


Fold the leaf in half lengthwise.


Accordion fold the leaf.


Open your paper napkin. Here they are clearly sectioned in 4 sections. If yours aren’t, just divide measure one stripe that’s about 5 cm/2 in wide.


Cut one section and now you’re going to be rolling it. Use something like a chopstick or an ink pen filling for the rolling. When you’re done rolling, glue the end.


Push the edges of the rolled napkin to the center, the caterpillar will wrinkle.

Use the felted pen to color the head and you can also draw something on the body.

Now, cut an equilateral triangle, the length of the sides should be 6 cm/2.4 in. Roll the triangle in from one vertex to the base. Glue. This will be the stalk.


Cut a rectangle 2 x 5 cm/0.8 x 2 in, place it short sides up and down and roll it so that the rolled paper has the length of the shorter side and the hole inside is large enough so that you can pull the stalk through. Let’s call this the tube.


Glue the tube in the lower end like in the picture. Then pull the stalk through.


Pull the stalk out so that there’s just a small piece on the side of the leaf. Apply one drop of glue on the end of the stalk inside the leaf and another drop on the opposite end of the tube. Place one end of the caterpillar on each drop. Let it dry.


You can add a small bug or draw any other little thingy on the leaf.

caterpillar caterpillar

Once the glue is completely dry, you can move the caterpillar by moving the stalk.




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