Witch Hairband

Witch hairband is great for a Halloween costume and also a good alternative to a big hat.

witch hairband

This is a variation of the Witch Hat tutorial I made several years ago. It’s an extension in which I explain not only how to make the hairband base but also the hat itself in done in such a way that you can choose the size you want.


  • black felt sheet
  • black thread
  • a piece of black tulle
  • black metal hairband base
  • black ribbon, 4-5 mm wide
  • ribbon to decorate the hat
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • paper
  • pair of compasses

Witch Hairband – Tutorial


Use the pair of compasses on a paper to draw as large as you want the brim to be. Then draw a smaller circle from the same center, this will be the opening for the crown of the hat. It’s better to make the opening smaller and if you need it bigger, you can always make it bigger later. Cut out this paper template and pin it onto the felt.

Cut out the brim.

For the crown, prepare a felt rectangle.

Fold one corner to the opposite side and play with it until the crown is as tall as you want it. Pin the side and trim the excess felt.

Stitch the sides with the blanket stitch.

Turn the crown inside out, now it’s actually right side out.

witch hairband

Pull the crown through the opening in the brim and if the opening it too small, cut it a little bigger.

witch hairband

Cut off the excess felt on the bottom and stitch with the blanket stitch.

witch hairband

The hat is done.


Put a drop of glue to one end of the metal base and place one end of the black ribbon on it. Twist it twice around the same place and then continue twisting in a very gradual spiral all over the headband. Secure the ribbon with a drop of glue in two more places.

When you reach the other end of the hairband, glue again and cut the ribbon.


witch hairband

Cut 3 or 4 rectangles or squares of black tulle and glue them to the bottom of the hat. Use very little hot glue.

witch hairband

Decorate the hat with a ribbon.

Place the hat on the headband to see where the brim touches the base. Apply a little glue on each side and glue the witch hat on.

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