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Gelatine Eyeballs

Gelatine Eyeballs are a part of my next Halloween cake, the Peekaboo! Cake.

gelatine eyeballs

As you can see from the featured picture, my gelatine eyeballs are on the softer side. This is due to the fact that I was going more for a strong cheese flavor rather than firm and smooth eyeballs and so I used softer gelatine which is used in non-baked cakes. If you want your eyeballs to be more smooth and firm, use another type of gelatin and also rather than cheese use milk (almond milk, soy milk…) but remember to always use double amount of gelatine.

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  • ball mold – I personally recommend this one. It’s great, not too soft so you can carry it even after filling it. Scroll down for an alternative.
  • 350 g/12 oz of fresh cheese – I use quark cheese but you can use other type such as panna cotta
  • 2 tbsp of vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp of powder sugar
  • gel food colorant: black, green and red
  • gelatine for cold use – the amount depends on the brand you use but remember to use double of what’s recommended on the package
  • small syringe
  • toothpick or another pointy tool

Ball mold alternative: If you don’t want to invest into the ball mold, here’s an alternative:

Gelatine Eyes – Tutorial

Prepare a tiny amount of gelatine and mix with a drop of black food colorant. With a syringe drop a few drops into each mold to make pupils of the future gelatine eyes. Let it solidify, you can also put it in the fridge.

Then prepare a little more gelatine with green colorant and apply some over the pupils to make the iris.

gelatine eyeballs gelatine eyeballs

Using a toothpick or another pointy tool, draw some veins on the walls of each mold. Don’t mix the red colorant with water, use it as it is.

Prepare the mixture for the eyeball. Combine 350 grams/12 ounces of cheese with sugar and vanilla extract. Then prepare the gelatine (in some milk or water) and mix it in. This will make the mixture more liquid and you need it to be liquid to pour it into the mold.

gelatine eyeballs

Close the mold

Přiklopte víko formy a každou kouli naplňte přes trychtýřek. Pokud ho nemáte nebo nechcete používat, můžete tvaroh do formy lít také přes injekční stříkačku (tady doporučuji spíš nějakou větší).

gelatine eyeballs

Naplňte až po otvor ve víku. Nechte zatuhnout v lednici a já pak dávám želatinové oči ještě na pár hodin do mrazničky, aby se snadněji vyndávaly z formy.

gelatine eyeballs

Bulvy opatrně vyloupněte a jsou připravené pro další použití.




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