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Gelatin Eyeball

Gelatin eyeball is a great decoration for your Halloween or other horror and gore cakes, for example this Zombie Pumpkin Cake.

You can see more of my horror and gore cakes here.

gelatin eyeball

Gelatin eyeball is a cake decoration and as such I like to make it tasty. It shouldn’t be just a sugar ball that no one will eat and ends up in the trash. Therefore, I don’t make the eyeballs as just sugar gelatin mass made with water and I also don’t like using milk. I find the best liquid to use it the oat “milk” with a few drops of vanilla extract, it makes the eyeball taste like oatmeal. You can use any other vegetal milk, like almond or coconut.

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For one eyeball:

  • about 1.7 oz/50 ml of oat milk
  • little water
  • gelatin (amount depends on the type)
  • some powder sugar
  • several drops of vanilla extract
  • black pen with food colorant
  • food colorant in gel, any color you want the iris to be
  • red gel food colorant
  • small syringe
  • 2.5 in/5 cm diameter silicon half-sphere mold – I have this one and it works fine
  • flat brush
  • toothpicks

How to make a Gelatin Eyeball

First, we make a little gelatin in water, we’ll need just about a tablespoon of gelatin for one eyeball. Make the gelatin according to the instructions on the package but put double of the amount of gelatin for one tablespoon of water. Put the still liquid gelatin in the syringe and then put two to three drops in the center of the half-sphere. Let it set and then put it in the fridge for two minutes.

Use the food colorant filled pen to draw the pupil on the gelatin.

Let it dry and cover with a slightly larger layer of gelatin, about the size of the iris.

Use a toothpick to draw lines around the pupil, choose any color you want for the iris.

gelatin eyeball

You can mix several colors or different tones of one color.

gelatin eyeball

Use a flat brush to paint the wall of the half-sphere with gelatin.

Use another toothpick to make red lines or stains on the gelatin on the wall. The white color you see in the picture is because I put the mold in the freezer after painting it red. It will defrost in a few minutes.

gelatin eyeball

Then make more gelatin in oat milk, about 1.7 oz/50 ml for eyeball and once again, double the amount of gelatin. For one eyeball you need to fill the half-sphere with the iris and one without (back side of the eyeball that will be only white). I find the best for this is gelatin that can me dispersed in lukewarm liquids but you can use also gelatin which needs hot liquids if it doesn’t set immediately after cooling down. You shouldn’t pour hot liquid on the iris or it will melt.

gelatin eyeball

Let it set, put in the fridge for half an hour and then pop it out of the mold carefully.

želatinové oko

Place the back side of the gelatin eyeball back in the mold and coat the flat side with some gelatin.

gelatin eyeball

Put the front half on it and let it set in the fridge so the two halves stick together. Take the eyeball out and use for decoration or just eat rightaway!

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