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Tempered Chocolate – How to Make It at Home

Tempered chocolate is shiny and smooth, it breaks with a light snap and melts in your mouth. You can temper chocolate easily at home and I’ll show you how.

tempered chocolate

Professional confectioners use the table method to temper chocolate. It’s a bit more difficult and messy but the main issue is that you need to have a marble or stone working table. So in this tutorial I would like to show you the more home-friendly method.


  • chocolate
  • rubber spatula
  • plastic container

How to temper chocolate

temperování čokolády

Separate one third of the chocolate and set it aside for later. Break the rest into small pieces and place them in a plastic container. Now you can or melt the chocolate in a water bath (as I do although you have to be careful and not let any water enter the container) or in a microwave oven. If you decide for the latter, heat it in short periods always checking if the chocolate has melted already. If you heat it too much it will burn.

temperování čokolády

Once the chocolate is melted, break the third you set aside into small pieces and put them in the melted chocolate. Mix with the rubber spatula until everything is melted. Use the tempered chocolate immediately, it will become solid very fast.


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