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Peekaboo! Halloween Cake with a Charade Inside

Peekaboo! is my next Halloween cake with lots of delicious eyeballs and a charade inside!

halloween cake

I wanted to prepare something really special for our family’s Halloween party.

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Like last year, I served the Baby Foot Appetizer but the cake had to be something new. Just a few weeks ago I made the gingerbread Zombie Pumpkin Cake that was a huge success, so the bar was pretty high. I’d been wanting to make a cake with eyeballs popping out for some time and the idea finally grew into making eyeballs under the “skin” and some more eyeballs on the top of the cake. And then I had an idea for a charade!

halloween cake

The base of the cake is my favorite non-baked cake with blended strawberries which give the cake pinkish color which, in this context, is kind of fleshy. As a fondant, I used Smartflex which I’m not sure is accessible internationally, so I would probably recommend the Wilton White Chocolate flavoured fondant as an alternative.

The eyes inside the cake are made from fresh cheese and those on top of the cake are made from tempered white chocolate.

halloween cake

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  • 350 g/12 oz of small fluffy biscuits of any kind
  • 300 g/10.5 oz of strawberries
  • 400 g/14 oz of sour cream or white yoghurt
  • 500 g/17.5 oz of fresh cheese
  • powder sugar
  • springform, diameter 24 – 26 cm/10 – I have this one

Eyes inside the cake

  • Prepare the cheese-gelatine eyes with this tutorial. You’ll need only three eyeballs so use just half of the ingredients

Chocolate eyeballs – 10 pcs


  • 10 small paper stripes
  • pencil



  • A cake stand will bring the cake presentation to the next level

Peekaboo! – Halloween Cake Tutorial

No bake cake

Blend the strawberries completely smooth and combine with fresh cheese, sour cream/white yoghurt and sugar.

First, cover the bottom of the springform with biscuits, then cover the biscuits with the strawberry-cheese mixture.

Continue alternating the layers until the springform is full.

The last layer should be the liquid one. Keep the cake in the fridge overnight.

halloweenský dort

Take the side of the springform off and the cake should be solid now.

Cheese Eyeballs

Use this tutorial to prepare 3 eyeballs (half of the ingredients).

Scoop out some cake in three places to make a hole for each eyeball.

Place the eyeballs.

You can put some of the cake you just scooped out back and around the eyeballs.


Add some red and green food colorant into the fondant. You don’t need to work it in perfectly, the color doesn’t need to be homogenous. If the fondant’s too sticky after you’ve added the colorant, incorporate some corn starch or powder sugar in it. Cut off a small piece of the fondant and put it aside for later.

Roll out the fondant to be about 3 millimeters thick.

Place the fondant on the cake and press a little around it. I liked the way the fondant hang over the edge of the cake stand, so I didn’t cut it off.

Make a small cut close to an eyeball.

Insert the knife and cut an opening for the eyeball from the inside and pushing out.

halloweenský dort

Make openings for all three eyeballs.


Make some more cuts in the cake in the same way.

That’s how you make the “injuries” on the cake.

Take that piece of fondant you left aside for later. Add some red and maybe black if you like it darker.

Roll out two very thin stripes and then twist them around each other in a spiral.

Use a toothpick or another pointy tool to cut small holes around each cut.

There should be several holes on each side. Fill the cuts with marmalade.

Cut the “thread” you just made in smaller pieces and push each end in a hole.

You can place the thread across the cut in any way you want. I was going for a sloppy hobby-surgeon look, so my stitching is very irregular.

halloweenský dort

And now the cake is ready for some more color.

Adding color

halloween cake halloween cake halloween cake halloween cake

Mix green and red food colorant to make brown and mix it with the lemon juice. Brush the whole cake with the brown color.

Chocolate Eyeballs and Charade

Melt half of the white chocolate in a water bath. Chop the other half. When the chocolate is melted, take it off the stove and mix in the chopped chocolate and stir until this is also melted. Use a teaspoon to put some chocolate into each half-sphere mold and “brush” it all over the mold with the same spoon. The chocolate will run back to the center, so you have to do this for a while until you see that there’s enough chocolate on the walls.

Let the chocolate set in the fridge and then take the half-spheres out of the mold.

Use a small brush to pain the iris and pupils.

halloweenský dort

Then use the toothpick to paint some veins.

halloween cake

And now I’m going to tell you about the charade. Each eyeball sitting on the top of the cake will hide a paper with a famous horror movie cake and the guests have to guess the movie. So write one quote on each paper. Here are some for inspiration:

  • “Here’s Johny!” – Shining
  • “Plug it up! Plug it up!” – Carrie
  • “We all float.” – It
  • “7 days. 6 days. 5 days. 4 days…” – The Ring
  • “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” – Jaws
  • “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.” – Nightmare on Elm Street
  • “What’s you favorite scary movie?” – Scream
  • “I want to play a game.” – Jigsaw
  • “Braaaaiiiiins!” – Braindead

Roll the papers.

halloweenský dort

Place each into one half-sphere.

halloweenský dort

Heat up a pan and place the other halves on it. the edges will start melting in a second.

halloweenský dort

Quickly place the half on the other half (the one with the paper inside) and this is how you make a full eyeball.

Finishing the Peekaboo Halloween Cake

halloween cake

Place several eyeballs on the cake and drizzle some marmalade over them.

halloween cake

Add more eyeballs.

halloween cake

And drizzle some more marmalade.

halloween cake halloween cake  halloween cake halloween cake

halloween cake

Serve the Halloween cake immediately or keep it in the fridge.

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