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Te Fiti Costume: Heart

I was really proud of the Te Fiti costume I made for my daughter for the Czech Mardi Gras called Masopust. I’ve shown you how to make the wig and dress, now it’s time for the Heart of Te Fiti.

heart of te fiti

Even though the star of the costume is the wig, my daughter never failed to remind me that she especially needs the heart! As you know if you’ve watched the Moana movie, the Heart of Te Fiti is very important because without it she changes into the lava monster Te Ka. Moana is trying to return the heart and with it restore the balance in the nature.

This is a relaxing project and an inexpensive one. You only need a piece of polymer clay and some thread. I also use tools for sculpting but if you don’t have any, just use anything you can find in your kitchen or around the house.


  • some green polymer clay (transparent green if possible, the transparency will be a great effect) – I use Cernit
  • thread
  • tools
  • picture of the heart – use one of my pictures below

Hear of Te Fiti Tutorial

Take some green polymer clay and knead it properly. Place it on the working table and form a pebble. You should be working in rubber gloves to prevent any fingerprints on the clay but this time I worked without them. There were fingerprints but later there was so much carving that they aren’t visible anymore.

Look at the template and start carving the central spiral in the pebble. I was using a pointy dentistry-like tool and then a tiny spatula but you can figure out for yourself what works best for you.

Then carve the rest of the shapes.

srdce te fiti

And finally, punch a hole at the top of the pebble and bake the clay according to the instructions on the package – in my case 30 minutes on 120°C. Let it cool down and you can use some kind of finish if you like, for example polish.

heart of te fiti

Put the heart on a thread (I’m using dark brown leather thread).

heart of te fiti heart of te fiti

And that’s all!


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