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I tend to leave the details of my upcoming events to the last moment. This time I was about to go to a course in which I was to use my laptop and I didn’t have a cover for it. I could put the laptop into my handbag but it’s much easier to find things in my huge bag when the aren’t caught in a half-open laptop or tangled in the charger. Moreover, I have a great folkloric fabric at home and I couldn’t wait to make something from it.

You can have this cover made in under one hour and it’s easy enough also for the sewing beginners.

You will need:

– aprox. 2 meter of solid fabric – I used cotton canvas
– thread
– 3 velcro dots – you can get them here

What I wanted was a simple cover a little bigger than my laptop so I could put also the charger inside. No additional pockets because there was no time to spare. If your laptop’s dimensions are different just follow my instructions adapting them to your laptop’s size.

The dimensions of my laptop are 30 x 19,5 x 2,5 cm. The cover should be a few centimeters bigger and it should have the form of a pocket. The back of the cover is longer, the flap will close the pocket with the laptop. I also wanted the cover to be a little more solid so I made it from double layer of fabric.

Obal na laptop – rozměry / Laptop cover – dimensions

The cover consists of 3 parts – front, back and side:

Obal na laptop – přední díl / Laptop cover – front
Obal na laptop – zadní díl / Laptop cover – back
Obal na laptop – boční díl / Laptop cover – side

First cut all three pieces. You need to cut double length of each:

Front: 64 x 23,5 cm
Back: 94 x 23,5 cm
Side: 175 x 4,5 cm

Cut round corners of the front and back piece.

Obal na laptop / Laptop cover

Fold the front piece right side together, iron the fold (this will be the flap) and sew the sides together. Turn it right side out through the unsewn short side and iron the fold again. You can keep the short side open, you will sew it together when you assemble the cover.

Obal na laptop / Laptop cover

In the same manner, sew together the back and side piece. After turning the pieces right side out, don’t forget to iron the folds. In the end sew together the short sides of the side piece with a hidden stitch.

Obal na laptop / Laptop cover

Pin the side piece to the front piece. The side piece should surround 3 sides of the front piece.

Obal na laptop / Laptop cover

Pin the corners carefully so they are neat. Sew together.

Obal na laptop / Laptop cover
Obal na laptop / Laptop cover

Pin the other side of the side piece to the front piece and sew it together.

Obal na laptop / Laptop cover
Obal na laptop / Laptop cover

When you’re done, turn the whole cover inside out.

Obal na laptop / Laptop cover

Press 3 velcro dots on the inner side of the flap. Take of the paper from the other side of the velcro dots and press the flap onto the pocket. That way the other halves of the dots will be exactly aligned with the halves on the flap.

Obal na laptop / Laptop cover


Obal na laptop / Laptop cover

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