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Lavender Bags

Do you need to make lots of small gifts? Are you looking for something to give to the teachers for Christmas? The Lavender Bags are the ideal solution.

lavender bags

We like to give gifts to the teachers for Christmas, usually something homemade. I usually give them soaps or bath bombs, this year I felt like making something else.

lavender bagsThe Lavender Bags are great as a small scented gift that can be a decoration, it can scent your home or it can be a practical present to repel moths from your pantry. The bag can also be heated in a microwave for a few seconds and be used as a heat pillow. By the way, I have written a tutorial on a Cherry Stone Heat Pillow, you can find it here.

You don’t need any sewing experience to make the Lavender Bags, even if you don’t own a sewing machine, you can make them in hand, it’s just going to take longer.

You can use any other aromatic herbs if you don’t like lavender or don’t want to use it. Just make sure that the herbs are dried properly and nicely aromatic.

And if you’re looking for inspiration for Christmas and other presents, you can browse the Gifts category.



lavender bags


  • cotton canvas
  • dried lavender
  • ribbons
  • sewing machine or needle and thread

Lavender Bags – Tutorial

Cut the canvas in rectangles or squares. You’ll be folding them so make one of the sides the double of what you want the bag to be. Plus add 1,5 cm to each side.

Fold the canvas in half. One of the sides is the fold and you need to stitch other two. That will leave one side open. Sew with a straight short stitch.

Turn the bag right side out and use a tool like a chopstick to push the corners.

levandulové pytlíčky

Fill the bags with dried lavender until about 2 cm under the edge.

levandulové pytlíčky

Fold 1 cm of the edge in, fold the ribbon in half and insert between the folded edges. At least 1 cm of the ribbon should be inside. Pin.

levandulové pytlíčky

Topstitch well. If you want the bag to look even better, stitch this side with the Invisible stitch. It must be done by hand, so it will take longer but it will make the bag look more professional.

levandulové pytlíčky

Well done, that’s all!

lavender bags


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