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Pattern for the Dog Muzzle Face Mask

The pattern for the Dog Muzzle Face Mask comes in two sizes – child (about 7 – 10 years) and adult. You can make the pattern smaller or largereasily.

Each pattern contains a pattern for the mask, the mouth, nose and tongue. Both come in JPG.

All the patterns are drawn to fit the scale of DIN A4 sheet. If you’re US-based or have a paper scale similar to the US, the recommendation is to print at 120% although I find that it works a bit differently for everyone, someone is OK with the European scale, most use 120 and one reader said 140%.



Seam allowance of 0,5 is included, you don’t need to add it.

The pattern for the mask is one half of the mask, so cut it on fold to get one layer. You need two layers in total.

The pattern for the nose and mouth is one half, so cut it on fold.

The pattern for the tongue doesn’t need to be cut on fold.


Pattern to download




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