Fabric flower buds

These flower buds are easy to make and they’re great for decorating – hair accessories, dresses, cushions…or in my case – a handbag.


  • fabric scraps – I used cotton canvas
  • thread
  • needle
  • scissors
  • pen
  • something with a circular shape to draw the circles – cookie cutter, mug…


Draw circles of the same size, at least 4 for one bud. Cut them out.

Fold the circles in half and iron them. Look at the photo – that’s how you’ll be positioning them.

You have to sew on the round side. Use a running stitch and when you reach 1/4 of the half-circle, add another half circle. At the beginning you’ll be running the needle through two layers of fabric, then four and so on.

Run the stitch until the end of the last folded circle. Don’t make a knot and don’t cut the thread.

This is more or less what you should have now.

Now you can just fold one end over the other or roll the whole thing starting from one side or the other. Depending on what you choose, the resulting bud will look a little different.

Pull the end of the thread to close the bottom of the bud.

Run the needle again through.

And then also across.

Don’t forget to stitch through the ends.

As I said, the result will be depending on how you roll it.


Cut out circles of different sizes. One circle for one leaf.

Fold the circle in half and again in half, so in total, you’ll have a quarter circle. Iron it.

Stitch the open ends with a running stitch.

Pull on the end of the thread and the leaf will crease. Make a knot on the thread.

Make leaves for all your buds.

Stitch the leaves to the bud.

If you place the leaves opposite to each other, stitch their bottoms together.






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