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Basketlike handbag

For this summer I made a handbag that looks like those fashion baskets that people like to take to the beach.

I decorated the bag with fabric flower buds and to make it more practical I added two pairs of laces.

Material I used

I used beige canvas for the outside of the handbag and light yellow canvas for the lining. To make the hanbag look more like a basket I covered the ourside with coarse ecru decorative canvas (which is visible on the photo above). The hanbag is reinforced with ronofix felt.

The laces are made from light yellow canvas and the handles are from faux leather.

The flower buds are completely canvas.

I put just one towel in the handbag although there was space for much more.

The handbag suits adults…

… as well as the little ones.

And a few more photos:

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